You’re FIRED!!!

I know this isn’t Mormon news, but it’s Brazilian news, which hits close to home for me.

A young girl is sexually abused by her step-father since the age of six.
At age 9 (nine!!!), she becomes pregnant with twins by said arshole and, according to Brazilian abortion laws, is granted the right to terminate the pregnancy.

Now, a Catholic archbishop (Brazil is mostly Catholic) is excommunicating everyone involved in the ordeal, save the girl, but only because of her age.

“the law of God was above any human law” says the arch nemesis.

Wow! Talk about compassion!

Doctors said “she was so small that her uterus did not have the ability to contain one child let alone two,” which makes it pretty clear that abortion was the only option here.

Granted, the Northeast part of Brazil is very poor and uneducated, but I think the archbishop is just following his orders to the letter, don’t you think?
It’s funny how they didn’t mention if the step-father was kicked out of heaven as well, but technically he wasn’t involved at all in the abortion.

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