Why you too should attend The Reason Rally


The Reason Rally will be held in Washing DC on March 24th, 2012, from 10am to 4pm at the National Mall.

The list of attendees is insurmountably excellent.

Go! Enjoy! Represent our views!

2 comments to Why you too should attend The Reason Rally

  • Peter

    As a Mormon convert, I see no conflict between pure religion and science. Truth can be found everywhere and religion should not stifle this. If a person believes that the earth was actually created in 7 days and the strata overwhelmingly shows otherwise, then he needs to question his interpretation of the truth.

    As a Mormon, I do not think of God as a magician but as a great scientist. If I had been around as long as he, I might know allot too. Also, Mormons do not believe that this is the only world but that there is life throughout the infinite universe. As one earth passes away, so another is born in the ever growing universe.

    I believe that the beauty and order that is seen in the universe is controlled by God(s) through natural principles. He is a God of order. He brings order to all things including matter as well as relationships. I believe that the earth was created over billions of years using natural principles. I do not know to what degree evolution was used in the creative process because it has not been revealed by God and science does not yet have all the facts.

    The problem with many Christians is that they are so dogmatic that they are paralyzed by the doctrine they have been taught. Idea’s like evolution or the age of the earth so threatens their very base that they fight to keep the evidence hidden. It is a fight for spiritual survival.

  • admin

    Thanks, Peter, for the comment.

    You are aware, of course, that historically and today, religion has conflicted immensely with science, be it in the stem cell research arena or the evolution debates going on in public schools.

    Your opinion is valid, if it weren’t for the fact that most of the statements you made regarding your beliefs in god and other worlds are, in fact, statements that can’t be measured scientifically, therefore not empirically proven.

    If you claim there are multiple worlds, you (or the church) should be required to prove that. If they can’t (since the burden of proof is on the person making the positive statement), then we are all entitled to dismiss this or that as false.

    That is why I say religion is, by definition, at odds with science.

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