Utah’s Memorial Crosses Unconstitutional – Thank God!

The quote from Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff sums up this issue very nicely

“When someone driving sees that white cross, what goes through their mind? Someone died here, and not Jesus Christ.”

And indeed Jesus Christ is exactly of whom most people think when they see a cross, especially in the context of a memorial or funeral.

Man, that's a huge cross!

A three-judge panel in Denver’s 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals have agreed to exactly that and found the 14, 12-foot-high, crosses erected to honor fallen State Highway Patrol Troopers to be a violation of the US Constitution.

The word “cross” alone was introduced into Old English specifically to describe the torture device Catholics wear around their necks today and it’s been used and reused in many variations throughout Christianity and other religions.

Robert Kirby of the Tribune, who was originally involved in erecting the crosses, has this to say about the affects of religion in this country

“Historically, the things that have torn hardest at the fabric of America — slavery, anti-suffrage, bigotry, war, fluoridation — were not driven by atheists. Quite the other way round, actually”

It’s always refreshing to see religious people acknowledging the destructive and discriminatory side of their own religion.

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