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If your life is as busy as mine, you know that sometimes somethings have to be sacrificed to make room for other, more important things like skipping your laundry to watch the Tour de France, for example.

But for a religious person sacrificing prayer time might mean sacrificing eternal happiness.

Well, sacrifice no more!
Unlike the many sites that offer online prayers (so 1980’s), Judaism’s holiest prayer site, The Western Wall, is adopting a cutting-edge approach to your requests: the ever-so-popular Twitter!

The service’s Web site says petitioners can tweet their prayers and they will be printed out and taken to the wall, where they will join the thousands of handwritten notes placed by visitors who believe their requests will find a shortcut to God by being deposited there.

It’s supposedly run by some young kid from Tel Aviv, which is to be expected, but the best part of the article (which came as a mild surprise to me) is this:

Tweet Your Prayers opened earlier this month but for several years, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation has operated a fax hot line and a Web site where people overseas can send their prayers and have them printed out and placed in the wall’s crevices.

Really? A prayer fax?
Is God really that stringent on his prayer requirements that you have to fax it so he can read it on a wall?

It is, however, always nice to see religion embracing science and technology.

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