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Rational Thinking for Children

Hi everybody,

After a long hiatus filled with perilous adventures, I’m back again. My wife and I just welcomed our third child into our little corner of the universe; he’s also a boy (I have three boys now), so I have been very busy consoling her every time she hears a burp or a toot […]

Mormon Dating a la Elder Hafen

I was recently assigned a new home teacher (remember, I’m still in the records) and he called me this past week to see if he could stop by this weekend. He was careful to point out the fact that he “understood” my “situation” and that the visit would be but a friendly one; no need […]

Raising Children – my letter to my son.

I came across this letter from Margaret Young to her son on his 18th birthday. She wants above all things that he remains a Mormon.

Seriously, this is her greatest wish, sadly enough.

Here’s the appropriate response.

Dear Son –

As I watch you sleep in my arms tonight, I think of many things I […]