Stem Cell policy reversed

President Obama reversed a Bush-era ban today on embryonic stem cell research and vowed to restore “scientific integrity to government decision-making.”

Most Christians in the country, of course, are opposed to the research because, based on their evidence (their interpretation of scripture), life begins somewhere around conception and embryonic stem cells have a soul.

Mormons, officially, have no stance on embryonic stem cell research, which leaves most members open to their own conclusions about it, so we will watch for any statements the Church makes about this news item.

More importantly, in my opinion, is his statement regarding “promoting science” and making sure research is conducted openly, without influence from government or ideology.

But my favorite quote has to be:

“Medical miracles do not happen simply by accident.”

He’s absolutely right, of course; I would go on to say that ANY “miracle” is done by the hands of people, and in this case, dedicated experts who have spent years and years studying and conducting SCIENTIFIC research, based on nothing but the best scientific evidence we have so far.

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