Religion endorses animal killings

A rhinoceros lies dead after being killed at Krugersdorp Nature Reserve outside Johannesburg

Poachers have allegedly killed the last adult rhino at the Krugersdorp Animal Reserve, in South Africa, by cutting off her horn and leaving her to bleed to death.

The horn trade in China and Vietnam has increased the killings of these beautiful animals in the last 40 years, accounting for the slaughter of 90% of the world’s rhinos.

The demand, in turn, is driven by the woo spouted by Traditional Medicine and rich people who believe in that sort of nonsense.

So why do I say religion endorses animal killings?  Because the same evidence-free mentality pervasive in the dangerous world of non-medicine is also what drives religious beliefs.

Not only these idiots believe finger nail shavings (basically what these horns are equivalent to) can give them boners or grow hair, they also ignore evidence to the contrary and the killings continue.

So sleep soundly tonight, Christians, in your anti-abortion veil of morality.  Your continued insistence that we let your baseless views go unchallenged give weight to plenty of other destructive ideas such as this one.

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  • zulema petracci

    El gobierno de Sudáfrica debe hacerse responsable del cuidado y la protección de estos rinocerontes que están en peligro de extinción asi como también debe prohibir la caza deportiva del león, un maravilloso animal que no merece morir a los balazos

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