Rational Thinking for Children

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After a long hiatus filled with perilous adventures, I’m back again. My wife and I just welcomed our third child into our little corner of the universe; he’s also a boy (I have three boys now), so I have been very busy consoling her every time she hears a burp or a toot at the dinner table.

With all these kids around and growing, our life in Mormon country is becoming a lot more dynamic in dealing with the church. My kids are still attending with mom once every other week (which they hate, by the way) and occasionally topics such as baptism and baby blessings come up directed at both them and me.

In order to keep my sanity and have a clear mind in addressing these issues with my family, I’ve taken up to searching for external resources and none other than Dale McGowan et al’s Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Beliefhas come to my aid lately.

This book is a MUST-HAVE for rational parents of all walks; it is filled with practical advice and resources for instilling a sense of wonder, discovery, curiosity, moral and ethical behavior in your children.
The authors also make a clear distinction between respecting people versus their beliefs and promote rational thinking and analysis for all facets of life. You will learn ways to teach your children how to use the tools of a scientific mind to analyze problems they may face in their lives while learning that there are no questions which cannot be asked.

The book also covers ways of explaining tough scientific concepts such as evolution or the size of the universe by using analogies and simple experiments, some of which are born right out of Camp Quest’s activities.

Raising Freethinkers

Raising Freethinkers

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