Oh, the hypocrisy!!!

It’s Independence Day and Councilwoman Stephanie Miller has invited pastor Maria Montalvo of the Church of God Ebenezer, Hyrum’s only Spanish-speaking congregation, to give the closing of the two prayers that surround the city’s 4th of July’s celebration every year.

I know what you’re thinking right now, if you have any ounce of common sense. The city’s council is joining much of the country in perpetuating the unconstitutional habit of injecting religion into government-sponsored events by offering opening and closing prayers during this celebration.

But, of course, this is not at all what the fine citizens of Hyrum are up in arms about.
Oh, no sir, they’re angry alright, but only because pastor Montalvo offered the prayer in Spanish. The prayer was translated at the same time as she gave it and all seemed fine until emails started pouring into councilwoman Miller’s in-box, screaming of the horrific, unpatriotic actions taken by the city council when they allowed this calamity to occur.

“If I had my way, I would have the city council members impeached and sent to Mexico. If they don’t like America enough to have a prayer in English, then they hadn’t ought to live here.” -World War II veteran LaVon Hansen

It seems like most of the people in Hyrum feel just as warm and fuzzy as grandpa above.

After apologizing to the public, councilwoman Miller reassures us that the prayers won’t stop, but they’ll be always given in English from now on. I’m extremely surprised these bigoted assholes aren’t waving their red and white at the fact that the pastor was a woman! God would never approve!!!

I wish I had a better way to express my feelings about this mess, but I don’t, so screw you, Mr. Hansen, and screw you, too, Councilwoman Miller along with all the people in Hyrum. Yes, all of them; for not standing up for our Constitution during Independence Day and for condemning the work of our Founding Fathers, work done cautiously to keep this nation’s government from sponsoring any one religion yet protecting these hateful people’s astonishingly stupid beliefs.

And for those of you who believe, like Miller, that “We’re not forcing anybody to participate that doesn’t want to” in response to the few sensible complaints about prayers being offered at all during public events, screw you, too. You wouldn’t be protecting anybody’s “right” to pray in a public forum if they weren’t praying to your white, blue-eyed flavor of a god.

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