Nephites or australopiths

Why are some Mormons against evolution?

I’ve been wondering about this for quite a while now and have done some reading on it to see why any one member of the Church would not accept the theory of evolution.

At face value, it’s easy to understand, why with Adam and Eve and all, but we all know that even those members who accept evolution can somehow divide the two stories in their mind quite nicely and trot along happily in their lives.

In recent years, the Church has basically sidestepped the issue by stating that science is not the Church’s business.

How cute!

How cute!

The current oficial view of the Church can be found in BYU’s Evolution Packet, which is freely handed out to any one who wants to know what they’re supposed to think when asked if they “believe” in evolution.

This document is the biggest cop out in the history of the Church in light of an issue that is at the footsteps of many of our public schools across the country.

Go ahead and read it if you’re really curious, but it won’t change the fact that in order to believe in Adam and Eve, you may as well skip those biology classes.

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  • What? Rainbows? Afraid of water? I have no idea what you’re talking about maamde. But I can assure you, unless the mormon never learned to swim or had some kind of traumatic incident as a child, they will not be afraid of water. I am a mormon. I was an ocean lifeguard for 10 years. I surf, I sail, I SCUBA dive. I enjoy most all water sports. In fact, there are few places I feel as comfortable as when I’m in the ocean. +2Was this answer helpful?

  • It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

  • fact is that marketing cannot hide anymore behind obscure and old school approaches. One of the speaker’s stated and tweeted, “CMO’s now beat out CIO’s of

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  • Condolences to those that lost their job…Although admittedly, I don’t actually know who any of them are. I realize SEGA is also doing this to survive, but it’s still sad to see them go…And I have to wonder if it was a difficult choice to make for SEGA.Thanks for all your years of service guys.

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  • Vj,Absolutely right! Not being able to differentiate the driver and the by-product is the problem for most of us and that’s reason resulting in grievances and disappointments every year in every organisation.Nice view! I like it and infact strongly believe it! May be self belief as well :-)

  • that adopting a baby was “unnatural”–except you. The fact is, things that our bodies do on their own are called “natural” processes. So yes, the “natural” way to have a baby is when a man and woman create one together…even in-vitro and medications are considered “unnatural.” It’s a term that describes the process, so relax!

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