Mormon welfare doing well in recession

A recent post in the holy Newsroom praises the LDS Church’s welfare system as a “fine-tuned program (that) has been in operation for decades and is run almost entirely by volunteer labor.”

Even the SFGate points out the system’s ability to provide for those in need in the current economy, members and non-members alike.

Mormons are generally taught to take care of themselves by saving for a rainy day (e.g. food storage) or benefiting from their own resources (e.g. gardening, sewing), but as most Bible born religions, Mormons are particularly (and non-admittedly) misogynous people.
As highlighted a few years ago by Relief Society Dictator Julie Beck, the place of the Mormon wife is at home “cooking, washing clothes and dishes.”

This 1950’s mentality would lead me to believe that Mormon families would be more inclined to seek assistance from its welfare program before sending the wife out into 2009 and get a job to help the family.
Beck has sent a strong message to LDS women all over the world that you all have a very narrow, specific role in a marriage relationship: housekeeper.

The problem here is not really what Beck said, as we know, since her comments generated an uproar from male and female members alike. The real issue is the same when dealing with any doctrinal “announcement” Church leaders make, which is how to respond to such comments.
It’s obvious that Beck’s comments don’t encompass the view of all Church leaders, but has she been properly addressed for her speech?
Can a member file a complaint to have Beck removed from her position in the Presidency of Relief Society?
A society that highlights the importance of women in the LDS church, while at the same time reminding us that the Priesthood also has its owners and women are not allowed.

The problem with the place of women within the Church is a known and old one. It was best described in a study done by Dr. Kent Ponder on Mormon women and depression.
Utah residents lead the nation in antidepressant drug use (and porn too, by the way) and Dr. Kent, who is a life-long member, points out that “women suffer twice as much depression as men” and that this problem “is clearly, closely and definitely linked to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”

It’s time LDS women step up to the plate and speak out against the obvious misogyny that influences their Sunday lectures by their most prominent leaders.

Our economy requires that all members of society do their part in providing in any way they can to help the family, without any limitations from dogmatic old hags.

Otherwise, head on down to your local Deseret Industries because the Temple Burqas are 50% off today.

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