Mormon Leader Calls Kettle Black

In a speech prepared for Brigham Young University – Idaho, Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Q12 says he’s taking his ball and going home if atheists don’t stop picking on him.

He then goes on to compare the current backlash from the gay community and their homies against the Mormon church to the treatment of blacks during the civil rights era while calling same-sex marriage an “alleged civil right.”

In an interview Monday before the speech, Oaks said he did not consider it provocative to compare the treatment of Mormons in the election’s aftermath to that of blacks in the civil rights era, and said he stands by the analogy.

“It may be offensive to some — maybe because it hadn’t occurred to them that they were putting themselves in the same category as people we deplore from that bygone era,” he said.

Isn’t it great? It’s so blatant it’s sad. So he’s crying that the Mormons are like a minority who were denied their civil rights and had to fight for equality… WHILE THEY TRY TO DENY ANOTHER MINORITY’S CIVIL RIGHTS.

Uh… Mr. Oaks… weren’t you about 42-years-old when the church finally allowed blacks full membership?
I guess it’s appropriate to deliver your speech at BYU then, since Mr. Young himself started the idea.

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  • I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Actually I tried and proved the point – much better job than I did, and I didn’t even catch the irony of the address being delivered as a school names for Mr. Young.


  • We can cry “civil rights violation” all we want, but it’s water off the Mormon duck’s back because Oaks and his supports do not concede that genderless marriage is a civil right. To them marriage is by definition man/woman. Any other relationship is simply not “marriage”, ipso facto. So while they may concede a “civil right” to marriage, that concession means nothing to marriage equality advocates because there is no agreement on the definition.

    Only after the disputing parties agree on how to define their terms can there be progress in this discussion. Until then, we can shout “civil rights” till the cows come home and it will make no difference to most Mormons. They must either be persuaded that marriage is a civil right regardless of gender, or else some other argument must be used.

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  • Moscar

    Some body should organize a protest in front of his office, until he apologyzes for such an stupid analogy.

  • Joe

    Why is it so important that same gender couples get to call their unions “marriage”? Seems that just because people have been in same gender relationships over the course of the history of the world doesn’t make it right. Also, what is your goal here?

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