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  • I worked in a fish factory once. I always got a seat to myself on the bus home even when it was very busy. Same principle really.

  • ROTFL!!! I ride public transportation every day, and that’s definitely one of those “funny because it’s so true” cartoons. One time the guy across from me on the train was fondling one of those Jehovah’s Witness magazines and giving furtive, hopeful micro-glances to all those around him. Naturally everybody else was playing the “I’m just going to pretend I don’t see that” game. 😉

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    Hi Chanson,

    Always nice of you to stop by.
    I love reading your blog as well, so I’m honored you come by mine. (my readers should definitely check it out at Letters from A Broad).

  • st.crispin, it seems unwise to eqaute the rough-and-tumble nature of a controversial religious blog discussion with face-to-face relationships. If I generalized lay Mormon members with the behavior of Mormons on MADB, etc., it would not be a pretty picture.I also think there is a worldview issue here, where Mormonism fosters the notion that religious negativity (especially religious criticism) isn’t at all compatible with civility or respect or the feelings of the Spirit.I also would be careful about accusations of mocking and demonization. Your own scripture teaches that my creeds are an abomination, and before 1990, a figure in the LDS temple ceremony mocked Protestant ministers as servants of Satan doing his bidding. Still to this day, the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant openly mocks evangelical beliefs and revivalist preachers, and I frequently experience mocking and misrepresentation of my beliefs by Mormons, often them equating the Trinity with modalism, equating the conservative evangelical view on justification by faith alone with a license to be licentious, and sneering at the fact that we pay our pastor to be a full-time ministerial worker.Bill’s point is to pick and choose you battles and be aware of the sensitivity issues. On a blog like this, better to just focus on the specific doctrinal, theological, and historical issues than to take the rough-and-tumble nature of public religious disputation so personally.Part of our duty as Christians is to learn to better love and empathize with the lost, including Mormons. We can do a better job of that. And part of Christ’s call to discipleship for everyone is to love the truth more than the temporary peace that comes with avoiding hearty religious controversy which offend American hypersensitivities.Grace and peace in Christ for those who trust God to justify the ungodly (Romans 4:4-8),AaronPS: To Mormons, I recommend . One has to wonder if some here believe the prophets of the Bible were sinning when they scorned, mocked, and ridiculed the weak gods and idols that people were following over Yahweh. Of course, that’s not all they were doing; their behavior was woven with threads of love and compassion and empathy. But it was far from the simplistic picture of a effeminate hippie Jesus acting merely professorial, avoiding value judgments, and bearing a tearful testimony with a subdued General-Conference-spiritualized voice.To Christians, I would recommend as a good model of empathy toward Mormons. While not even a perfectly loving and empathetic Christian who does meaningful public engagement would escape the harsh and angry criticisms, we can always strive harder to be empathetic and accurate.

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  • No cóż, widać, że wirus pychy, bezwstydnej arogancji, a i niestety prymitywnego serwilizmu, zwany dla zgrywu od dwóch lat MIŁOÅšCIÄ„ zainfekowaÅ‚ też ludzi naprawdÄ™ uważanych przeze mnie i przez wielu za w miarÄ™ przyzwiotych. Ale jeszcze trochÄ™. Jeszcze chwila. Taka kumulacja pychy i arogancji musi siÄ™ wreszcie, tu przeprazsam, zesrać.


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