It’s the sin.

The whole Prop 8 dealings of the Church were about one of the last straws for me in terms of respect for the faith.

Now Mormon gays and lesbians are again trying to engage the presidency of the Church in order to request more support and counseling from church officials.

The group Affirmation has recently sent a letter requesting a meeting with president Monson, a feat previously and unsuccessfully attempted towards “every president” of the Church since the group’s inception in 1977.

The article goes on to explain how the different universities across the valley deal with their sinful students, but one perfect being, Rachel Cox, who is “straight and Mormon” and goes to BYU puts it perfectly:

“You can’t pick and choose what you want to believe,” Cox said. “If you want to follow our church then you must follow all of our beliefs. God is constant and does not change with public opinion.”

You’re right, Cox (oh, how appropriate). Except for that whole blacks having the Priesthood thing when God told the presidency to catch up to the whole civil rights idea.
Oh, and I almost forgot… plural marriages were also conveniently “revealed” to be frowned upon as well, lest Utah be physically removed from the land.
But I’m sure that aside from that, all members follow all of God’s commandments to the letter.

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