How to hold a chopstick

I came across this article lately on a forum.  I really didn’t know there were many ways of holding a chopstick. Really. I always thought you either could use one or couldn’t.  I figured my chopstick skills have always been pretty good. I worked at a Chinese restaurant for 3 years in my teens and got to practice every day and learn from the pro’s.  One thing we miss when learning other culture’s habits is the context.  Such things as the do’s and don’t’s of those habits.  Things like not sticking your chopstick into the rice to rest your hands (I do that all the time) is considered rude or bad luck. This guy goes into pretty good detail on how to hold it, spacing in your hand, how high up the stick to place your fingers, etc.  So check out the video and improve your chopstick skills and quit looking like a rookie at your favorite Chinese/Japanese restaurant.

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