Dawkins will be proud

It seems that his work is, well, working.
Richard Dawkins is leading the country in calls for atheists to “come out of the closet” and speak out regarding our non-belief.

According to a recent study by The Program on Public Values at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., more people are saying they have no religion at all, and the membership numbers for most main-stream religions are either holding steady or shifting, depending on the region.

The biggest group nationally, the Catholics, have continued to gain memberships since 1990, but with a lower percentage of the population.

The study goes on to report on various faiths and the affect of religion on certain ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, but doesn’t quite yet explain the reason for the changes in trend.

More interestingly is how Mormons apparently “held steady over the period at 1.4 percent of the population.”
One of the most appealing arguments for the “truth” of the Church that I hear from current members (and several times mentioned in Sunday School) is how quickly the Church is growing, without, of course, ever taking in consideration stale memberships, luke-warm Mormons, and inactive members (like myself) who just simply don’t care enough to actually have their memberships dropped or revoked.

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  • cl

    Alright! Now we can all quote mine John Adams and go on irrational tirades while publishing outside our area of expertise!!

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