Date night at the movies – Up

If you haven’t seen Disney Pixar’s latest flick, Up, you must, must, must go.

What a lovely, funny, and touching film!

I won’t add any spoilers here, but I will summarize the message I got from this movie:
Get out and do stuff with your life… now!
Also, pay attention and enjoy those small, seemingly mundane moments spent with the ones you love.

Ok, enough cheese. This movie really helped emphasize to me the importance of giving this life full credit.
From an atheist’s perspective, this life is the only one we’ll probably get to live, so live it well.

And, no, that does NOT constitute doing whatever you want without any regards to moral standards or the law, you silly little Christians. It means you shouldn’t waste it pondering all the beauty and peace and happiness and love you will have AFTER you die. Make those things happen today.

And go see Up already, for cripes sake!

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  • Moscar

    “Up”is a good movie, a little bit sad sometimes.
    The tale od Desperaux was alos a good movie. I thought that it might encourage people to be brave and question what was impossed to them by their parents and religious leaders.

  • admin

    Hi Moscar,

    I didn’t see that one, but I might have to check it out now.
    I just read this amazing article about Pixar making a dying girl’s wish come true by giving her a private screening of the movie at her house in very short notice, only a few hours before she died.

    One more reason to go check it out.

  • Moscar

    I had to confess that during the scene where the girl passes away, I let a couple of tears scape from very “macho” eyes, I was lucky that nobody saw me being weak and sensitive.
    That story that you mentioned about the dying girl, reminds me the last part of the movie “Finding Neverland”.
    That is one is MUST SEE too, it might encourage people to live at full.

  • I saw UP 2x (in 3D) and second everything you said. It’s totally about embracing this life. As a childless woman, I appreciated the atypical families in it as well.

  • admin

    Hi Wren,

    Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog, too!!! Great music and great photos!


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