Big Love has no love for LDS

The Church is, once again, being disrespected on national television by HBO’s Big Love, a sitcom that is supposed to depict the life of a polygamist family, however distinctively drawing the line between polygamy and the Church.

But Big Love has indeed lost all respect for the Church by displaying what are claimed to be sacred temple marriage ceremonies on live tv. Nothing will get church members’ feathers more ruffled than outsiders meddling in secret…uh… sacred temple business.
Especially when such criticism only brings back painful memories of their ugly past dealing with polygamy since its invention by Mr. Smith. HBO should be sensitive to this fact and respect their right to hide their past and slowly make it so it never happened, like most ridiculous doctrines the Church has introduced in the past.

I, too, like other members, respect others’ right to privacy. The LDS Church has every right to throw the first stone in this case. Unless, of course, we look back a few months around election time, in the state of California, at which time the Church “donated” millions of dollars to dictate whom a person should love, which is one of our basic human rights. The difference here, however, is that HBO is using free speech to criticize a practice while the other is actively infringing on people’s human rights.

The LDS Church has officially stated that “as an institution (it) does not call for boycotts…” and “Latter-day Saints should conduct themselves with dignity and thoughtfulness…”

To which LDS members replied ‘fuck that! We’re fucking canceling if they don’t stop this bullshit.”

3 comments to Big Love has no love for LDS

  • StyxUT

    Love the blog!

  • I love Big Love! I was once one of those fundies, it is so right on target…

    Anyhow as I watched the offending episode I wondered how did I ever believe any of that hocus-pocus? It gave me the willies! And at the same time I got all homesick for the forever family fantasy!

    If only I hadn’t read the fine print…

  • admin

    Hi Kita,

    I too would love to spend eternity with my family, but wishful thinking doesn’t make it true, unfortunately.
    My wife, however, would only put up with my mother for about a week or two… even in a heaven.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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