Back to church

I got a phone call yesterday (Sunday) from a Young Man in the ward of whom I really think very highly. He is just one of those really neat kids who already has had to face some real challenges in his life but seems to be able to handle them graciously and maturely (much to […]

Father’s Day Update

As some of you might know, I share Sundays with my wife: one Sunday she takes the boys to church, the next Sunday they hang out with dad and we go ice skating. Well, my 2-year-old has been opting out of ice skating lately. He’s still attending nursery and I’m pretty sure he has a […]

Date night at the movies – Up

If you haven’t seen Disney Pixar’s latest flick, Up, you must, must, must go.

What a lovely, funny, and touching film!

I won’t add any spoilers here, but I will summarize the message I got from this movie: Get out and do stuff with your life… now! Also, pay attention and enjoy those small, seemingly […]

The Jesus Diet!

Holy weight loss!!! I’m surprised no one thought of this before.

The Bible is not only a historical and scientific document, but it now is also a holy diet guide.

Pastor and “personal trainer” Ron Williams from the Foundation Church in Midvale, Utah, “used to think overweight people were maybe lazy couch potatoes.” But lo […]

Loving God?

If you’re LDS or any flavor of Christian for that matter, could you please explain this to me, from the perspective of a loving father in heaven?

31 children, between the ages of 1 and 5, died in a fire at a day care facility in Mexico today.

Is this just one of the trials […]