Cognitive Dissonance vs. The Holy Ghost: a guide to understanding your burning bosom

Religion undeniably elicits a great number of emotions on those involved in any way with its tenets. Happiness or sadness, hopefulness or despair, love or anger, tolerance or intolerance, materialize as we apply our understanding of spiritual teachings to our lives.

In the LDS Church, however, feelings are not only a consequence of spiritual experiences, […]

Date night at the movies

I just spent a lovely evening with my wife at the movies.

Despite my reservations after being highly disappointed with The DaVinci Code, the movie, we decided to check out Angels and Demons (I read and enjoyed both books).

I was pleasantly surprised with this one, but I’m still thinking the bar was just set […]

This is what the Church stands for?

News like this really reinforce in me the desire for my wife and my children to disassociate themselves from the LDS church.

“I have this deep sense of failure for not being at Lisa’s bedside when she died,” Ms. Langbehn said. “How I get over that I don’t know, or if I ever do.” […]

I live!

I’m sorry I’ve been away for a few days, but I was busy getting ready for my first Marathon this past weekend. It was all said and done on Saturday, so now I’m back (recovering).

Not much is going on these days, so I’ll leave you with this article I’ve been following recently: It’s the […]

Faith: Vice or Virtue

On my son’s first day in Primary, I was sitting in the back listening when the introductory subject about “faith” was quickly raised to welcome the new group.

In trying to explain to these young children, the teacher (understandably) opted for a very simplistic explanation of the word, in which she stated “Faith is believing […]

Let’s talk about Jesus

President signs National Day of Doing Nothing Whatsoever Proclamation

The President of the United States has signed into law today the designation of the first Thursday of May as National Day of Prayer.

“Let us remember those who came before us, and let us each give thanks for the courage and compassion shown by so many in this country and around the world. On […]

LDS Baptism: Get ’em while young!

The LDS Baptism has to be one of the best arguments for Joseph Smith being a true prophet of God, but it seems the Church has overlooked this ever so ingenious of rituals.

Allow me to explain: One of the biggest claims by apologists for the validity of the Book of Mormon is that one […]