Mormon Funeral: good times and Funeral Potatoes, but not my cup of tea

When my good friend of 17 years died suddenly in a tragic car accident, I prepared to go through my first Mormon funeral.

Mormon funerals, unlike Mormons weddings, are open to anyone, whether the person is a member of the Church or not. This makes complete sense since it’s the Church’s last chance to presume […]

Leaving Mormonism: No Marriage nor Children Left Behind

leaving mormonism

Let’s begin by saying that leaving the LDS Church can mean a number of things to many different people.

Whether you are a convert or born and brainwashed in the Church from childhood will dictate how you view your loss of commitment to the fold and how you will handle the issues […]

Mormon welfare doing well in recession

A recent post in the holy Newsroom praises the LDS Church’s welfare system as a “fine-tuned program (that) has been in operation for decades and is run almost entirely by volunteer labor.”

Even the SFGate points out the system’s ability to provide for those in need in the current economy, members and non-members alike.

Mormons […]

Big Love has no love for LDS

Outrageous! The Church is, once again, being disrespected on national television by HBO’s Big Love, a sitcom that is supposed to depict the life of a polygamist family, however distinctively drawing the line between polygamy and the Church.

But Big Love has indeed lost all respect for the Church by displaying what are claimed to […]

Dawkins will be proud

It seems that his work is, well, working. Richard Dawkins is leading the country in calls for atheists to “come out of the closet” and speak out regarding our non-belief.

According to a recent study by The Program on Public Values at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., more people are saying they have no religion […]

Stem Cell policy reversed

President Obama reversed a Bush-era ban today on embryonic stem cell research and vowed to restore “scientific integrity to government decision-making.”

Most Christians in the country, of course, are opposed to the research because, based on their evidence (their interpretation of scripture), life begins somewhere around conception and embryonic stem cells have a soul.

Mormons, […]

It’s the sin.

The whole Prop 8 dealings of the Church were about one of the last straws for me in terms of respect for the faith.

Now Mormon gays and lesbians are again trying to engage the presidency of the Church in order to request more support and counseling from church officials.

The group Affirmation has recently […]

You’re FIRED!!!

I know this isn’t Mormon news, but it’s Brazilian news, which hits close to home for me.

A young girl is sexually abused by her step-father since the age of six. At age 9 (nine!!!), she becomes pregnant with twins by said arshole and, according to Brazilian abortion laws, is granted the right to terminate […]

Aaaargh… not SEX!!!!!

I recently shared the following video with some friends (some members, some non) and for the most part people reacted as I expected…. they laughed their butt cheeks off.

Except for one guy who refused to “have any form of sodomy on his computer.” I wonder if his credit card was used in this study.


Nephites or australopiths

Why are some Mormons against evolution?

I’ve been wondering about this for quite a while now and have done some reading on it to see why any one member of the Church would not accept the theory of evolution.

At face value, it’s easy to understand, why with Adam and Eve and all, but we […]